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  • Create a free account and post your first job with as many details as possible so you can find the right person for your project.
  • Once you post a job, you’ll get proposals from qualified freelancers whose profiles you can browse.
  • Create a shortlist of potential candidates and chat with them about the scope of your project until you decide on your perfect match.

Let’s Get to Work!

  • Once you and your freelancer are ready to get things started, make your payment through Al7arefa and we’ll hold your money until the project is done and you decide it’s ready to be released to the freelancer. Don’t worry; no money will be released without your approval.
  • Share all your files and documents with your freelancer through Al7arefa’s inbox so you can keep everything in one place.
  • Once your freelancer is done with the project, we’ll notify you!

Money Talks

  • Once you go through the deliverables and make sure you got exactly what you wanted, rate your freelancer and leave a comment about your experience – then we’ll release the payment after deducting Al7arefa’s fees (20%) from the total budget from the freelancer’s side.
  • There are plenty of ways you can pay for your project: credit, debit, cash on delivery.

Account Management's fees

You can post all your jobs/projects for free on, you can receive professional proposals and you can chat with the freelancers for free.
If you want to an account manager from Al7arefa's team to post your jobs/projects, receive proposals from the freelancers and send to you the best matched freelancers this service's cost 300 EGP.

Cancellation Fees

When you post your jobs/projects for free on and receive proposals from the freelancers, if you don't send to Al7arefa's any feedback about your job/project request via, there will be a cancellation fee: 450 EGP as we expect a little bit commitment from our clients' side.
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Let’s Get to Work!

  • Once the clients selects you as their perfect match, you’re ready to get started.
  • Share all your files and documents with your client through Al7arefa’s inbox so you can keep everything in one place.
  • Make sure you send all your deliverables on time, then hit ‘end the project’ to let your client know that you’re all done.
  • How was your experience? Rate your client and leave your comments about it.

Money Talks

  • Once your client says the magic words, we’ll send your money after we take our fees 20% from the total budget, that is.
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