Member since November 29, 2019

Cairo, EGYPT

Ahmed Abd el megeed

Communication specialist

1 Years of experience

30 Number of hours per week

Hour Rate

15 EGP/hr



1 Year in the field of marketing, content writing and graphic designing! that's right i have done em all since i had to work in small startups i was a one man army in the marketing department.


  • Souq elsyarat

    1- -Responsible for handling social media (content – messages – comments – posts) 2- -Responsible for developing customer relations through handling complains 3- -Assist the sales team by supporting them on ground on selling cars & services 4- -Assist Customer service team by monitoring calls and providing support when necessary, -Responsible for creating methods for customers to communicate with the Souq easier, ----Responsible for the securing more methods for the publicity of Souq 5- Responsible for photographing vehicles 6- -Responsible for writing content for the Souq 7- -Responsible for designing media 8- Organize an event per week as a car showcase for buyers and sellers

  • Marketing and PR specialist/ Attafy Sabra designs

    1- Establish partnerships to increase the revenue to the business and establish mutual benefits 2-Create social media strategy and implement it 3-implement SMS and email marketing campaigns 4-Create marketing media 5- Manage website SEO 6-Create and maintain a database for clients 7-Use analytics to determine where we can improve 8-Conduct market research 9-Use and optimize paid ads to drive traffic


Bachelor, | Helwan.

2014- 2018

SCE, PR | The american university.

2019- 2019