Member since November 23, 2019

Cairo, EGYPT

Alaa Elhady

professional graphic designer specialized in designing and creating online learning material, with particular skills in motion graphics , Instructional designer , E content developer , Microsoft office instructor

1 Years of experience

20 Number of hours per week

Hour Rate

100 EGP/hr


An E-Learning Specialist who extensive background in designing online courses and developing instructional simulations for educational administrators.


  • Newhorizon company for training

    Delivering full of f ice t rack course, desktop operating system applications and the Internet . Preparing the requirement for the planed courses regarding the schedule and the skills matrix. Teaching to corporate , individuals (kids,special needs)

  • Newhorizons Event : Super Mind

    Teaching the children how to have fun while studying to enhance their learning abilities. In charge of the IT sect ion of the event . Designing the event ’s materials.

  • Injaz Egypt

    Implement INJAZ programs in schools. Keep a good relation wi th all stakeholders: schools’ administration, INJAZ volunteers, INJAZ team.

  • Harf Information Technology

    storyboard writing articulate storyline


Professional Diploma of E- learning t rack, Professional Diploma of E- learning t rack | Information Technology Inst tute ( ITI ) ,.

2018- 2019

Very good, Postgraduate Diploma Of Information Technology | Faculty of Computers and Information, Ain Shams University.

2017- 2019

Very good, Bachelors degree of Educational Technology and special education (People with special needs) | Educational specific, Ain Shams Universi ty..

2013- 2017


Professional Diploma of E- learning Track , at Information Technology Insitute


Postgraduate Diploma Of Information Technology



(Training of trainer) from Injaz and Newhorizons