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Abdelrahman Khaled

Digital marketer

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100 EGP/hr


I'm a digital marketer, certified from Udacity. Aiming to gain experience in marketing any firm or organization which fulfills the needs of its customers. I studied marketing well from different resources “online and offline”, and specialized in the digital area using digital tools such as Social media, SEO, Digital advertising, etc. In addition, I'm skilled in customer service skills with more than one year experience, skilled in Microsoft office, writing, and editing.


  • Focus Media Production House

    In my official first step in my marketing career, I was a member of the creative team where I learned how to create a creative ad. From the first step which is to research and analyze the data to the final step which is sent to the client a proposal about the idea. In addition, we made different ad campaigns to different types of clients such as Huawei, EBE bank, and Abc bank.

  • Orange Egypt

    It's my second trip to my career road, I worked in one of the biggest companies in the world. Orange made my customer service and communication skills more powerful and taught me how to deliver customer satisfaction to the highest level.

  • ECCO Outsourcing

    That was my first job as a customer service agent. So it was helpful to gain experience with communication and customer service skills. And it gave me many advantages to use in my life, one of them how to ask the right question at the right time.

  • 2oolly news

    I wrote reports on this website for three months which give me more experience in writing skills and translation. I had written on different topics like politics and tourism. Also, it gave me huge knowledge about foreign affairs, especially Iranian affairs.

  • AlMasry AlYoum

    I was a trainee for a month and a half. There I learned the essentials and the ethics of journalism. I learned also the basics of writing and editing. And how to deal with the different types of news.


Senior student, Persian Language and Literatures. | Faculty of arts at cairo university.

2015- 2020

The main goal is to learn a language to be a journalist translator at Iranian issues.

Nanodegree, Digital marketing | Udacity.

2019- 2019

I studied this diploma in three months. I started learning from scratch, the marketing plan and how to set objectives align with the business goals. Also the digital tools in marketing Content marketing, Social media, Social media ads, SEO, Google ads, Display and video ads, Email marketing, and google analytics. All of that with real experience which are projects I made to practice the skills I learned.


Content marketing from KSI agency

I learned what is content marketing is, what are the best strategies in inbound marketing. How to make a detailed target persona and the channels of content marketing. How to set SMART goals and Its the right metrics. How to measure and optimize the data. How to craft and write content that optimized and relevant to the target audience.


Social media marketing from Learn n' Digital

In this course, I learned how to be a marketer with the right tools, what are the responsibilities and duties to do. In addition, learning social media types "Management - Ads - monitoring - listening". I learned how to make a Buyer persona, and target audiences. How to run different types of ads. Plus, I learned how to use different types of tools that help me to manage my social media accounts to make the right monitoring and listening.


News writing from the british council

The British Council held a three-day press workshop. At this workshop, I learned how to choose good and original news instead of fake news. I also learned how to write good and attractive news, how to identify primary sources from the secondary and pick news from them.


How to be an integrated journalist from Positive Media Movement

I attended a workshop for there days at Positive Media Movement in cooperation with Rosa Elyousef. In this workshop, I learned the basics of how to be an integrated journalist.